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The Avenue Education - Chairman Message

Robben Pandey, Chairman


It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to AEC{Avenue Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd}. Our main objective is to fulfill the educational goals of students by providing comprehensive and professional guidance in Test Preparation, English Language and Study Abroad Counseling with the help of ultra-modern technical support. I wish you all the best in for your successful career! We have an excellent team of friendly staff and tutors who are always eager to extend their services and support as guidance. Your decision to study abroad is a good one, provided your application to your chosen destination country is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience. Studying abroad provides a fantastic opportunity to pursue your future career path. You may want to study abroad for a combination of reasons such as academic prowess, career and employment opportunities or something as simple as personal enrichment. For this you may need detailed information on required qualifications and what the educational framework of each destination country is like. When it comes to planning international study, keep in mind your personal objectives while looking at key issues such as course availability, entry requirements, projected outcomes, costs, course duration, academic content, employment options during study and so on.

We can identify how important your existing qualifications are and how important and precious it is for you to undertake international education in a destination country of your choice. We understand that each individual will have different needs based on their socio-economic background and we will be able to assist you in striking the right balance between course price and quality.From studying abroad, you will gain skills and qualifications which will benefit your up and coming professional career as well as other intangible assets like cultural experience, new contacts, sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing and much more.To make a well informed and systematic decision you must have a good student counselor who can give you good value and quality of service for both existing qualifications that you may have as well as information about acquiring additional qualifications for successful study in a destination country. While choosing your counselor you may seek following attributes:

“Asking questions is an important practice in acquiring information.”

We are confident that your time with us will be enjoyable and equally rewarding with the new skills and confidence gained here.

I look forward to welcoming you at AEC.