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  • Maintain quality standard by compliance of quality services to student and education provider.
  • To provide value and quality to student and education provider.
  • We are bridging the gap between students and international institutions which open its door to higher learning.
  • To give relevant, accurate, accurate and comprehensive information and advice from our personal and organisational skill after getting student personal profile, preference, objective and background.
  • To Maintain consistency for fair and strict application of rules, impartiality and fairness in decision for ethical guidance.
  • To make sure to meet all the contractual obligations with education institution, particularly in relation to marketing, recruitment and information given to the students.
  • To understand the socio-economic backgrounds of the student who may have different preferences regarding the balance between course and quality


  • To be recognize as one of the most trusted international educational consulting company in the globally competitive world.
  • To be instrumental in uplifting the living standards of students as well as professionals by pursuing higher educational attainment abroad through our affiliate colleges/universities worldwide.
  • To empower high sense of nationalism to the heart of Nepali students and/or professionals so that upon completion their particular endeavor abroad they will voluntarily return to their motherland and help to build a strong nation of Nepal.
  • To broaden the knowledge and skills of students/professionals enhancing the productivity at high level capacity avoiding mediocrity.

The driving force of the company was started by two young visionary’s aims to provide a total customer satisfaction services in these ever changing world. At a very short span of time it has managed to gain counterparts from  Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, India, China, Bangladesh, Finland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Cyprus and many other countries.

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